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Thinking about the newly proposed legislation on gun suppressors (silencers)

So, have you heard? Like the subject line reads...it has been proposed to deregulate and make legal once again. Yes, my friends, long, long ago it was legal to possess (without any NFA hoopla or taxation) a silencer for your firearm. It was NOT unheard of for hunters to use them...and boy, doesn't that make sense? Of course, criminals liked them. So, the do-gooders decided they should make them darn near illegal...at least expensive and difficult to obtain for law abiding citizens. Yep, that should stop criminals from using them. Of course laws don't stop law-breakers...that's just stupid. Here's a youtube vid (courtesy of Noir and the NRA) on this current subject. Tell me what you think. Want a silencer? I want one for each weapon. My hearing is important to me...and besides, the newly developed pistols with suppressors built in like the Maxim 9 look pretty cool!

Video on suppressors by NRA/Noir: https://youtu.be/PcTElN5A8Z8

Video Review of the Maxim 9: https://youtu.be/UyH154EPmK0

Yeah.  Agreed.

To be perfectly honest, I never really saw the direct benefits of a suppressor.  That was until I attended one of the North Texas Multigun 2-Man Competitions a few months ago.  My teammate ran a .308 bolt gun with an excellent suppressor on it.  Advantages were pretty clear.

We were able to hear everything around us without the need of ear-pro.  It was a pretty neat experience being able to communicate without the need to be loud.  Then a little pop.  A little smoke.  It had me sold.

However, the rigmarole of attaining one was....too much for my pocketbook.  This puts me in a spot where I will be looking much more seriously at one.