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GunfightersInc Kenai Chest Holster Review

Recently picked up one of these and I wanted to share a review on it.

I’ve always used Alien Gear IWB tuckables and Blackhawk Lvl2 Serpas for my two types of carry (OC or CC).  However I found myself wanting a holster that I could wear when running in the earrrrrly mornings that was faster to draw than pulling it out of my Maxpedition pack plus something I could throw on over a sweats Saturday mornings before belted pants went on.

Kydex is strong and well riveted.  Was perfectly molded for my Glock 17 (railed) and with approximately 20-30 draws it smoothed out nicely while retaining its fit.  My wifes Kimber 1911 TLE-II had a hitch in draw that wasn’t an overt issue, but took more draw strokes to smooth it out.  I’d estimate between the two of us it too up to 40-50 draws before it began smoothing out.  Regardless, it’s now up to acceptable levels of smoothness with the same level of retention.  Everything is cut and beveled professionally with no signs of flaws or low QC.

Rivets are pressed solidly and there is no play between the back and front kydex plates.  Straps are well secured by the rivets or Kydex loops.  Loops feel strong as hell and are securely riveted in place.  The loops will swivel allowing for some play in positioning.  Straps feel like high quality elastic and webbing.  They have over-engineered the stitching to include X-style stitching and high-stress areas are double stitched.  All good signs in holster manufacturer’s.

Photo compliments of Matt at JerkingtheTrigger

Loooots of extra webbing was provided.  At first I considered this a detriment and considered trimming off the excess and repressing the ends.  However, I found myself wanting to use it over my layers of fleece pullover, Carhartt Jacket and coveralls. Then you realize why they give you so much extra.  I was able to expand out to fit as many layers as I could put on, then shrink it down to fit a single compression shirt in a few seconds.  Neat ability.

Buckles feel like high-quality polymers (think PMAG material).  They feel like they will take a substantial beating without cracking

I opted for the extra mag pouch which was a Tactical Tailor pouch.  You probably know how their quality rolls.  Stout pouch.  They sold the pouch for $25 which is on par for TT that retails in at $26 before shipping.

Fits like a glove for me.  There is an excellent combination of solid webbing and high density elastic that feels remarkably sturdy and here’s the best part.  It’s stretches with your movements.  My issues with leather shoulder holsters (my solution before this) has been its inability to move and expand with me.  You can sit down, stand up, stretch out, lean back….move….and it goes where you go.

As mentioned above they leave you with plenty of webbing to make adjustments from the biggest guys to the smaller folks regardless of how much clothing you need to put on.  The Kenai will have all the sizing options you will need.

Interesting side note: I have small babies at home that often necessitate cleaning.  One is itty enough we wash him in the sink.  I discovered that I can unbuckle one of the straps and slide it around to my back, and rebuckle it securely.  That allows me to have it close without it being within hand-reach of my wee-bots OR when I’m washing dishes so it won’t get wet.  Very convenient.

Lots of color combinations available from webbing to Kydex.  I chose a Coyote back with a black front Kydex and Coyote webbing.  My wife opted for all black for her Kimber. There are, however, tons of options from extended slide releases, red dot optics, raised sights, and a myriad of screen prints (if you don’t want solid colors) from pink, to Kryptek to Multicam to III Percenters, to Molon Labe, to USMC logo, to Betsy Ross Flag, to Mossy Oak.

I bought my wife’s and mine off of GunfighterInc’s webpage.  I had ours custom built the way we wanted them and added the Tactical Tailor pouches most horizontal mag pouches would be fine for these if you wanted to use one.  Ours came out to $180 per holster and pouches which isn’t cheap.  For us, however, it was worth it. The quality is there and we are utilizing them enough for me to feel justified in our purchase.  You can buy stock holsters that fit most popular manu/models right off of Amazon.

Bottom line:
I recommend them if you need/want chest carrying capabilities.  They are built right, and quite frankly, they’ve put a good deal of time into R&D answering what I would consider to be the biggest flaws in the leather chest and shoulder holsters I’ve used.

Their price is not competitive, but there is nothing like this on the market that can do what this does as well as it does.  Feel free to comment below with any questions you have if you are thinking about one.

As a disclaimer, I did not receive any compensation for this.  It was a personal research and purchase that I choose…wisely….on.