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(READ FIRST) Feedback Recommendations

This forum is a place to share positive buyer and seller interactions.  Let other folks around you know who has been trustworthy and who hasn't.  What deals went well and why.

It's also a place to express caution for those of dubious character and those that are downright dishonest.  Free markets at work.

This is not a place to be rotten to others.  If you didn't research your purchase first and you overpaid, not a sellers fault.  If a defect or issue was stated in the description and you purchased/traded and then were unhappy, not a sellers fault.  If a buyer expressed interest and before agreeing to meet changes their mind, not a buyers fault.  Bottom line, take responsibility for your well-reasoned actions, and your poor ones.  For instance, it is not the sellers responsibility to do the research on a weapon and it's price, even if it is the virtuous thing to do.

Poor business will occur and the community needs to know about it.  But avoid posting out of sheer anger.